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8 Steps to Measure For a Fence:


Make a sketch of your house and yard — This step is technically optional, but it is a good idea. Drawing an on-paper blueprint will guide your surveying and help you keep track of the different measurements you collect.


Mark your property lines — One of your first steps in planning for a fence needs to be staking your property lines. If you don’t know your yard’s boundaries, contact your township or a surveyor.


Decide where you’ll place your fence — Sounds easy…but it is actually far more complicated than you’d expect. While you’d think you could lay your fence right on your property line for maximum yard space, some townships and HOAs actually require you to install your fence a set distance back from your border.


Measure each side from post-to-post — When you know where you’re allowed to place your new fence, you can start measuring it.  Use a 100 ft measuring tape or a measuring wheel to find your fence lengths.  This will help you calculate how much fence you need when you’re ready to order or get your quote.


Look for obstructions — Once you have the first set of fence measurements, walk along the fence line and note any potential obstructions in your path. This can include trees, outdoor structures, utility boxes, rocks, or boulders.


Look for changes in elevation — During the same examination of your fence line, you’ll want to note changes in ground elevation. Changes in elevation may need to be remedied with minor excavation or other modifications.


Plan out how many sections of fence you’ll need — After you know how long each fence side needs to be, you can calculate how many sections of fence you need. Generally, the type of fence you want to build determines how many sections of fence you’ll require. For example, our aluminum fencing comes in 6-foot and 8-foot sections.


Plan for gates — The final step in measuring for your fence is to plan for the gate or gates. Whether you need a single gate, a double gate, or gates for a vehicle, you need to plan that ahead of time.  

We believe that working with a fence contractor is a great idea no matter what, and it is especially important when installing complicated features like gates. If you’re ready to discuss the next step for your beautiful new fence, contact us today.

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